Preparing Your Mother of the Groom Speech

A son’s wedding is one of the most important moments of a mother’s life. It’s an event full of emotions and, if the wedding protocol of your region states that you should give a mother of the groom speech on this occasion, your emotions are greater. If this is how you feel, you shouldn’t worry, because this article will teach you how to prepare for this special moment of the wedding reception, when you will have to deliver a speech.

The first thing that you have to do is to plan all the work that is necessary for giving a successful toast. Here is how this planning should be done. Before anything else, you must find out what are the small tasks that must be performed. The most important activities are: searching advice, resources and examples of mother of groom speeches (on the Internet), creating the text of the toast and giving this toast.

All the small tasks must be ordered by priority, then you have to establish deadlines for each such task and then organize them into a plan, that you will have to follow. This plan can be adjusted when you find something new and useful about this process of preparing and delivering the toast. Besides planning, the second important tip related to preparing the groom’s mother wedding speech is to coordinate your speech with other speeches. Continue reading this post…

Mother of the Groom Speech Tips

Mother of the Groom SpeechI assume that you got here looking for some tips on how to prepare you “mother of the groom speech” for your son’s wedding. You’re probably nervous, as many of us are when we have to do something new for us, in this case to deliver a speech, but you don’t have to be too scared, because it’s not as bad as some make it look. I’ll try to describe on this blog a few tips which helped me prepare the speech for my younger son’s wedding and by the way, it was a great speech, at least that’s what many guests told me after I finished it.

I’ll present you the most important details you need to focus on when writing your mother of the groom wedding speech and also how to present it, because, let’s face it, a great speech with poor presentation is simply boring.

First, you need to understand that, in order to give a great toast, you have to speak from your heart and put some feelings into it, this making it special. Because anyone can say a few words about the man that’s getting married, but you’re the only one which can say these things from the mother’s point of view, you know him since he was born, right? :) You know everything about him, you’ve been on his side when he needed you or maybe you gave him some piece of advice when he asked you about how to impress a girl which he liked a few years ago, which luckily, turns out to be his wife now. See, you’re the only one that knows these things, that’s why only you can write the speech and fill it with personalized emotions and stories and feelings.

Also, keep in mind that your mother of the groom speech should be brief, under 5 minutes is a good rule of thumb, but most importantly, filled with meaning. You can say lots of things in those 5 minutes but actually none of them relate very much to the event and that will ruin your speech. Instead of adding uninteresting things to your toast, try to focus only on the ones that are important and worth mentioning, since you don’t want to bore the wedding guests present at this event. Continue reading this post…

Speech Presentation Tips

This article reveals you the most powerful three techniques used by all the professional public speakers in order to have a perfect presentation.

The presentation (which represents the way you present the speech’s content to your public) is so important because, even if your oration contains interesting ideas and funny events, if you don’t present them to the wedding guests in the appropriate way, you won’t manage to impress the audience (and your efforts made to compose speech won’t be rewarded). While preparing the presentation of your toast, it’s useful to remember that all the human beings have the tendency to “judge the books by their covers” – and, in this case, the “books” are the wedding speeches for groom’s mother and the “covers” are the presentations of these orations. Also, remember that “attitude is everything” – especially when it comes to speeches.

Now that I explained you the importance of the way of delivering the wedding toast, it’s time to reveal you the top three tips for successful presentations. The first secret that all the professional and experienced public speakers use to make an excellent presentation is the interaction with their public. While delivering the mother of the groom speech, it’s very important to involve the audience in your oration. You can do that mainly in five ways: speak like chatting with some friends (you must avoid speaking like a pupil at school, telling the lesson in front of the teacher), address directly to your public (use the pronoun “you”), include the guests in your speech (“…as you may have noticed”, “you all know that…”, “you can imagine…”), ask the audience questions (like “Do you know… ?” or tag questions) and look at the guests in the eyes (avoid looking in only one direction). Continue reading this post…